Slow Burn



A more traditional practice, this slower-paced vinyasa class is paired with gentler music allow the practitioner time to find (or lose) themselves in their breath and asana. Heat is high, humidity is high, and mood is more meditative. Expect verbal instruction from the mat or from a roaming teacher, and maybe physical assists (if you permit them). A shavasana at the end insures you have the time and environment to finish your practice your way.

Kick Your Asana



Our hottest, highest-powered, most intense class, this yoga fusion intends to kick your ass! It’s cardio, it’s aerobic and anaerobic training spikes, fast Vinyasa flows, fun and challenging non-traditional sequences. In short, it’s recognizable yoga postures put to an entirely different use: kicking your asana! This pose-driven, high-energy, loud music class promises to be one of the toughest workouts you’ve ever done… and if it’s not, you tell us, and we’ll amp it up!

Spartan Power Fusion



50/50 yoga fusion class in the hot room, focused on the joy of yoga poses and sequences combined with building the muscular strength necessary to perform such challenging yoga asanas as plank, the Warriors, chaturanga, and inversions. Expect to get lost in a dynamic mix of yoga,  plyometrics, body-weight resistance exercises… maybe even some wall work… whatever our teachers come up with to sculpt you and help you find your true inner strength! We fused a few ideas of ours and yours to create a dynamic class that loosens all the traditional boundaries around your yoga practice.

Candle light



Find yourself in another world. Escape this reality and dream a practice that dances, plays, sings, grooves, sails, swims.  A beginner to advanced friendly practice that's all about gentle flows and stretching, and a lovely vibe that'll have you floating from the room. Free your mind. Liberate your senses.

HIIT Vinyasa


High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)  will take your yoga and strength practices to the next level by boosting the intensity with sets of 20 seconds on, ten seconds off intervals. Scott integrates vinyasa flow with high energy integral circuits with posture variations uniquely blended for an optimal surge in mind/body integration, metabolism,  cardio, and a fresh perspective on your practice. Like all our classes, it's suitable for all levels if you remember to stay in your breath, move at your pace, and have fun.

Arms, Abs & Assets


Warm & Gentle Yin


Warming Up to Hot Yoga



Journey Into Power



A mat-based strengthening and sculpting class that targets--of course--your arms, abs and ASSets!  Combining vinyasa (flow) and some work with isometrics, pilates, squats, crunches, planks & more, this class will focus on core while sculpting and toning head-to-toe.  Get ready to focus on achieving awesome abs, strong arms and other amazing ASSets!

This is a beginner friendly class, in a lower heat room, that focuses on long, relaxing, restorative, and rejuvenating holds, with a little flow mixed in.


Intended as our beginner class, this lower-heat, slower-paced, gentler class will equip you with an introduction to yoga breath and movement. Because of its lower heat and gentler, more instructive approach, this class is also well-suited for injured athletes, students who have difficulty adjusting to the high heat, and even children accompanied by parents. Expect music, hands-on adjustments, practicing and roaming teachers – 75 minutes that will help you better understand what we do at ELHY and where you fit into our famELHY.


Fuel your inner fire at this invigorating class, which mixes it up with creative variations on the signature Baptiste method. Get ready to roar on and off the mat as you recharge your mind, stimulate your body, and reach toward your highest level of consciousness and physical awareness.