Jason Lord

Born and raised in the Lansing area, my love of yoga began nearly four years ago when I went looking for alternatives to compliment the time I spent in the gym. More than twenty five years of strength training had left me stiff and inflexible. I experiment with circuit training, zumba, swimming, and fitness DVD’s. It was P90X that first piqued my interest in flexibility to compliment strength. A co-worker suggested I try ELHY and I was hooked from my first class. I started with the two weeks for $20 intro offer and came one to two times a day for the next 14 days. I was offered an opportunity to do work exchange and jumped on it. I spent the next six months at both the studio and in the gym. I gradually noticed a physical change from mass to being more lean and long. 

In 2015 I graduated from the 200 hour yoga teacher training at ELHY. Twenty years of medical imaging experience has given me a solid foundation on the complex interactions of muscle, tendons, ligaments and bone. Classes that are strength and cardio based, with a focus on safety and the restorative power of yoga, are my favorites.