Lauren Rockwell

When I first started practicing in 2011, I was a mess of a human. I was broken. My brain felt like it was in pieces, and my heart had all but disappeared.  I had hit my bottom. How do you know when you hit bottom? You see nothing but darkness. You decide to put down the shovel and just stop digging.

I took my 200-hour teacher training summer of 2014 and through it I re-learned the things that we know naturally as children: how to breathe, love, learn, and play. Life doesn’t have to be such hard work; it’s ok to let go and have fun.

For thirteen years dancing was my life. I quit to become the person I perceived the world wanted me to be. I think I lost my soul when I quit; I traded in my dreams and passion for worldly acceptance.

I teach yoga, because there is nothing in life I value more than the sharing of souls. Yoga allows me to teach others that no one can save you but yourself, and you are worth saving. It’s a war not easily won, but if anything is worth winning it is this.