Hannah Easterle

It's an honor for me to guide you in this wonderful practice. Ever since I started practicing yoga three years ago, I have been an avid fan, with an extra special spot in my heart for hot yoga! I love the heat because it is a bonus element that helps me to stay focused on what is happening in each moment without wondering about anything else going on in life. After my first few months practicing, I started Yoga Teacher Training and earned my 200 hour YTT certificate at ELHY. Yoga for me is everything I need all in one practice; relaxation, focus, exercise, deeply breathing, being present and living in the moment. My hope is to be able to help you find or continue to find everything there is to love about practicing. And if you're looking for a welcoming community, you are in the right place! Come join us and we will be happy to be a part of your yoga journey. "Anybody can breath, therefore anybody can practice yoga."