I first began practicing yoga and meditation as a teenager in the mid 70's at a spiritual commune where one of my brothers lived. For several years I was a health food eating, injustice fighting, radical feminist on the spiritual path, and then drifted into the secular world through my 20's. At 28, I took off with a girlfriend on an around the world backtracking trip,ended up spending most of the next nine years in Malaysia, where I had my two children. When we moved back to the States in 1998, I began practicing Buddhism and spending time at a yoga retreat center, Song of the Morning, near Gaylord, Michigan. I also discovered hot yoga and long distance trail running at this time, and never looked back. I moved with my children to the retreat center in 2004, and began teaching yoga, organizing and sometimes leading retreats, managing operations, and happily working 16 hour days. At Song of the Morning I also began to practice raja, bhakti, karma, kriya, and jnana yoga (meditation, devotional, selfless service, intensive, and scholarly yoga, respectively.) I moved to East Lansing in 2006 to put my children into a diverse school system, though commuted to SOTM to work several days a week. In 2010, I left Song of the Morning, put my energy into writing book reviews, studying naturopathy, and often driving 60 miles to practice hot yoga in the Detroit area. I started carpooling to yoga with my CPA in the spring of 2011, and it was on those hour long drives that we began to brainstorm about opening a hot yoga studio together in the Lansing area. After a frustrating search for the right location, we stumbled on 924 Trowbridge, signed the lease in early August, began the build-out, and held our first class on September 29th, 2011. Now, as I go into the summer of 2016, I am over two years sans business partner, have added three studios to the FFamELHHY,  and am humbled and excited about taking my love of yoga in the hot room to new heights.